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"Having been an orthopedic surgeon for over 26 years and having cared for many hundreds of baseball pitchers, I have been exposed to a variety of training routines and devices that pitchers use to train with. In particular, I have always been a fan of Tom House with his towel drills for pitchers. What caught my eye at David’s exhibit was not the towel drill in and of itself, which I am familiar with, but the unique handle. I immediately understood how this ergonomically designed handle can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of towel drills. What is even of more importance is that there is little or no stress distributed to the hand, forearm, and the elbow because there is no need to grip or squeeze. All power generation and training can be focused on body mechanics and pitching shoulder movement and technique. The absence of stress imparted to the elbow makes the Towel Trainer a wonderful tool for anyone who has ever suffered from elbow tendinitis, and more so, as a prevention against elbow tendinitis due to continued gripping and squeezing. Beautifully designed ergonomic handle, smooth, comfortably resting in the hand, zero stress to the forearm or the elbow.  As an orthopedic surgeon, I would highly recommend David’s Towel Trainer to anyone who wish[es] to do any towel drills. This only makes sense."     -Win Chang M.D. (Orthopedic Surgeon & Rotator Cuff Specialist)

"The towel trainer is a great tool that allows pitchers to not only refine their deliveries, but also practice refining release points with their different pitches due to the towel trainer’s multi-grip design. I highly recommend it for pitchers of all ages and skill levels." - Sam Freeman (MLB Pitcher)

"The Towel Trainer is a great tool to reinforce proper mechanics. Several of our pitchers use this to simulate a delivery and throwing motion without actually having to throw the ball. The ball grip makes it feel like a baseball in your hand as opposed to cutting up a towel and taping it together. In the Major Leagues you are constantly bombarded with gadgets - this is the real deal. A tremendous investment in a pitchers development. I highly recommend this product."                  - Marty Reed (Atlanta Braves Bullpen Coach)

“The towel trainer allows you consistently work on your mechanics without putting stress on your arm with a baseball ! I love the product and it has been a huge help for me and my career !” Marlin Willis Jr  (Kansas City Royals)

"I bought the towel trainer for my 14 year old group to work on release point and not to blow out their arms. What I didn’t expect is it working so well with my 10 year old group. And to get a feel for different pitches is the best feature. Now they can get the feel without blowing their arm out. Highly recommend for all ages."      Lyle Overbay (former MLB 1st Baseman, World Series champion 2001)

 "The Towel Trainer should be a part of every players, team, and trainers throwing program. Its unique design allows for more natural movements increasing the efficiency of each rep all the while improving grip,  arm strength, and alleviating stress on the arm." -Frankie Rodriguez (former MLB Pitcher)

"I use the Towel as part of my rehab programs when throwers are returning back to throwing post injury. I feel it is a good instrument to begin to gently add load to the throwing motion, both in the acceleration and deceleration phases.  This is what I use it for...before actual throwing, to prep the arm with a touch of overload training. I surely will always use the Towel in some fashion to properly rehabilitate and enhance performance of the baseball player (especially the pitcher!). I have used it in the terminal stages of overload training for eccentric rotator cuff strength, and for creating some increased drag for acceleration strengthening."     -Dr. Chris McKenzie (Board Certified Physical Therapy Specialist: Sports and Orthopedics)

"I just received my Christmas present in the form of the towel trainer. Our pitchers are very excited and i knew once i got my hands on this product it would be an instant hit with pitchers based on the weight of the ball, the firmness of the rubber piece provides at the base,giving the towel the perfect weight through the rep. Now a pitcher can get on the mound safely and feel that whip-like effect when he gets through a pitch. Our pitchers are very appreciative and so am I. So get your towel trainer today!”  -Hector Berrios (Philadelphia Phillies Pitching Coach, HLB Pitching)

"As a former professional baseball player and owner of a baseball facility that currently trains almost 200 pitchers on a weekly basis, I'm always on the lookout for great products that are not only reliable but also functional. I ordered 12 of the Towel Trainers and I have to say that my players and I love it! It's a great tool to reinforce proper mechanics and throwing patterns as well as provide a relief for players arms as they continue to perfect their mechanics during heavy throwing periods during the season. I would highly recommend this product to any baseball player of any age." -Zach Dials (Former Pro Pitcher, current Baseball Facility Owner)

"Also a former professional pitcher and facility owner I highly recommend you getting a towel trainer. I always tried to make them myself and something felt off. Towel Trainer pulled off the ultimate design for comfort and ease of use. This is a great trainer for those times you aren't throwing a ball, but still want to work on your game." - Brad Mumma (Former Pro Pitcher, current Baseball Facility Owner)

"I’ve been using the towel trainer for my pitching lessons to work on the “arm whip” which adds both speed and movement to softball pitching. This is important for every age and skill level and I have seen major improvements after using it over a few months. The towel trainer was difficult for them at first but with each lesson they got better and many of the girls have started requesting to use it when they come in. In the past I have used a hand towel but the towel trainer gives them a way to grip similarly to holding a ball. I found this to be more realistic and seems easier for them to translate the mechanics into their actual pitch. It is a small size grip which I thought might be a problem but it turned out to work just fine." -Monica Perry ( NCAA & Pro Softball Pitcher, Softball Pitching Coach)

"The towel trainer has been an amazing tool to create repetitive behavior. I always carry it with me everywhere! This is a must have tool! Thanks for a well made product!! 💯🔥🔥💯" - Raleigh Prospect Academy

"I am an Instructor at D-BAT Addison working with kids of all ages and the Towel Trainer is one of the best tools we can use. All players any age or skill will benefit greatly from using this in drills. The small details on the ball allowing different grips on pitches is outstanding. I will be using the Towel Trainer with every team I coach and highly recommend to all the players that I train!" - Jesse Madrid ( D-BAT Addison Instructor, D-BAT Corporate)


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