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Towel Trainer for Baseball Pitching Towel Drills. Things you will need:  The Towel Trainer An open space to train  (suggested size 10ft x 5ft)  A Target or partner to hold a glove out as a target *Note: The Towel Trainer is meant to be held onto at all times. Never release the Towel Trainer during any drill.   How to Start Training   1.  Find an area large enough to go through your throwing motion.  2.  Take the handle and place it in the palm of your hand, with the PowerSleeve™ resting between your index and middle finger. Your thumb will hold the other side of the handle. This simulates holding a 4 seam fastball.  How to Set Your Target   3.  Mark your starting point. Then, with Towel Trainer in hand, go through your throwing motion, taking note of where your front foot lands. From there, walk off 5 of your steps (toe to heel) to find your ideal target location. (This is also known as stride+5)  4.  Set your target waist to chest high, this will ensure the drill is done properly.  5.  Go through your throwing motion, and the towel should hit your desired target.   For further help and instructions, please check out our online videos

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